To my valued customers,

I would like to express my appreciation for your business, and share with you a little information about myself.  I was born near the Amalfi coast of Italy in 1947.  While growing up in Italy, I spent much of my time visiting the family restaurant owned and operated by my grandfather.  It was there I learned and gained appreciation for preparing traditional Italian food.

In 1969, I arrived in Los Angeles and began working in an Italian restaurant named, “Milano.”  I immediately noticed that the food served at “Milano” was much different tasting than the traditional Italian food that my family prepared in Italy. Upon questioning the restaurant owner regarding the non-traditional meals we were serving, I was told the food must be made according to American taste.  I opposed this way of thinking, and embraced the thought of bringing real world Italian dishes to the Los Angeles area.

Since then, I have worked as a Chef in what has been described as, “The best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.”  For years, I fought to bring and introduce authentic Italian fare to Los Angeles.  Some of my customers, also world travelers, have commented on my cooking style stating, “It’s the real thing” and “Everything I’ve had in the past was a poor copy of Italian food.”

Over the years, I have owned a few Italian restaurants and I catered to many famous and not so famous individuals.  My clientele list included many in the entertainment industry, politicians, and successful business people.  The last restaurant I owned in California was located in Santa Monica, named “Vincenzo Ristorante.”  I maintained this location for twenty years, serving authentic Italian food to thousands of customers.

After selling my restaurant, I felt a more moderate paced life was in order, therefore I moved to Boise. I arrived in Boise with the intention of opening a new family restaurant, sharing my beliefs in preparing and serving the best authentic Italian cuisine. The word “Trattoria” loosely translates to; “A casual dining experience for those who enjoy authentic food at a reasonable price.”

My commitment to you: I pledge to bring an authentic Italian dining experience, demonstrating the same passion I’ve had since the beginning.  With this in mind, I hope you appreciate my effort  and dedication to you, the customer.